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Privacy/Security Policy

The reliability of the personal information you have registered on our site is more important to us than anything else. The personal information you use while shopping at (Delivery/Invoice addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.) will not be shared with other institutions and organizations. Within our structure, only the information that will enable you to enter easily and quickly during the order is stored.

Your mobile phone and e-mail addresses that you share with us during membership will only be used to ensure that the information about your orders is delivered to you quickly and safely.

Except for, only you can access and change all the information you enter into the system. It is not possible for another member or Members to access and change information about you.

You can inform about the personal information requested from you during Member Registration, except for the obligatory ones, at your own discretion. If there is information that you would not prefer to give to, you do not have to fill in or mark these fields.